Aqua-Terra Studios


The Fine Art of Aquatic Design:

Aqua-Terra Studios founder, Richard Bilow, produces the world’s most artistically innovative “aquariums” – genuine works of Aquatic Art.

Before you purchase a custom-built aquarium from a traditional aquarium company or fish store, consider acquiring a genuine work of aquatic art, created by an individual with over 30 years of experience elevating the field of aquatic design to a fine art. Due to supply chain disruptions, options are currently much more limited than they have been over the years.


Bringing nature into your space improves your quality of life. NatureGloLighting offers you a great way to enhance the aesthetics of any space with a unique light source derived from nature.

Ultra HD Virtual Aquariums:

Aqua-Terra Studios has a proprietary formula for creating virtual aquariums which can be a fantastic no-maintenance alternative to our live sea life installations and artistic aquariums. The current state of coral reefs around the world is of great concern. Harvesting fish and other sea life from these environments is no longer sustainable in many places around the world.

Virtual Aquariums will be created for you as commissioned video art. They involve proprietary techniques which are discussed after you sign a non disclosure agreement.

Passion Projects:

The Sea Life Channel:

Besides being the founder of Aqua-Terra Studios, Richard is a professional photographer and undersea imaging specialist with a passion for nature, art, music, travel and life. He is currently creating “The Sea Life Channel” – offering you a great way to enjoy the beauty of sea life around the world in the form of short films set to original music. Please enjoy these videos free of charge and consider watching them prior to meditation, for general relaxation or to help you sleep.

Richard is also the co-founder of an online travel publication called

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